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April 3, 2020

The Wealth Transfer Revisited

Morris Ruddick • Money Management
The wealth transfer has become a hot topic. Companies are being birthed with the vision of creating vast amounts of money destined to advance the Kingdom of God. Believers in business are coming up with opportunities with unusual returns designed to accelerate the spread of the Gospel. There are rumblings of technologies proposing to change the balance of power in the world's economic system. Intercessory teams designed to pierce the opposition are being mobilized. Ministries are aligning themselves with super-achievers they discern will spearhead expected wealth transfer venues.


"The days are near when every vision will be fulfilled.  For I the Lord will speak what I will and it will be fulfilled without delay.  For the rebellious shall see that I will fulfill whatever I say declares the Lord.  When the people say the visions he sees are for many years from now say, this is what the Lord says, 'none of My Words will be delayed any longer, whatever I say will be fulfilled.'"  Ezekiel 12:22


The wealth transfer has become a hot topic.  Companies are being birthed with the vision of creating vast amounts of money destined to advance the Kingdom of God.  Believers in business are coming up with opportunities with unusual returns designed to accelerate the spread of the Gospel. There are rumblings of technologies proposing to change the balance of power in the world's economic system.  Intercessory teams designed to pierce the opposition are being mobilized.  Ministries are aligning themselves with super-achievers they discern will spearhead expected wealth transfer venues.


Yet, we have entered a time when the cresting of the wave - created by this God-initiated marketplace movement - has swept in an array of efforts and initiatives with a flurry of intriguing, promising activity, that either will never materialize or will fall far short.  Far too many mounting this wave come from the ranks of the uninitiated - and well-intentioned though they might be - who have never been given a vision, or for that matter a calling from God.  While avoiding throwing out the baby with the bath water, there is a need to revisit this whole issue of the wealth transfer.


In 1996 the Lord led me to begin praying into the scripture in Proverbs 13:22 - which states that "the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous."  There is both a principle and a prophetic dynamic operating in this scripture.  For four years I wrote about the various dimensions of the wealth transfer that I was gleaning from my prayer closet. Then I began realizing something.  The context of what I had been praying for was a top-down wealth transfer - which I believe there will be.  But that revelation initiated a time of inquiring of the Lord about the other side to this dynamic:  the bottom-up wealth transfer. 


The Bottom-Up Wealth Transfer

From Genesis and the Torah, the Psalms, Proverbs and the Prophets, to the parables of Jesus and the writings of Paul is a multiplicity of scriptures on the bottom-up component of the practical issues of wealth.  The Bible contains a richness of wisdom on entrepreneurial practices; on operating a small business; together with principles on how a business grows and prospers. One segment of the Torah in particular, the book of Deuteronomy, I found to be a treasure house of principles on how you run a God-centered entrepreneurial community. These extraordinary insights from God's Word became the starting-point for the God's economy business startup program I developed and now have underway. 


So, as I began pressing into the two sides to the wealth transfer - the top-down and the bottom-up dimensions - I began realizing more.  There is a process involved in this wonderful dynamic that the Lord has been speaking to the Body about during the course of the last decade, give or take a couple of years.


THEN, just a few weeks ago while in prayer, I got one of those unexpected words that the Lord tends to interject from time to time.  That word was this:  "the wealth transfer is not about money."


Zeal without Knowledge

Shortly afterward, as I was praying for the understanding of this word, I got a call from an established Christian business owner.  He shared that his 15 year old, successful, respected global business was faced with filing for protection under the bankruptcy laws.  The reason was that he entered into an arrangement with another believer, whose word was no good.  Leveraging the trust we tend to extend to other believers, his zealous associate simply reneged on the deal, leaving my friend high and dry.


Yet somewhere between the crooks, the flakes, the false visionaries and the ambitious whose word means nothing, God is genuinely doing something.  Likewise, the time for the greater release of what God is doing with the wealth transfer is indeed drawing near, because the counterfeit always seems to precede the real.


The scripture in Ezekiel 12 about "every vision being fulfilled," was speaking about God-given vision.  Aside from the schemers and the phonies, we need to start distinguishing a God-given vision from what might be an inspired desire or simply good intentions.  God-given visions will be on firm foundations.  They will involve a solid track record.  They will reflect a people whose word is their bond.


In Romans 10:2 (Amplified) the Apostle Paul wrote: "I bear them witness that they have a [certain] zeal and enthusiasm for God, but it is not enlightened and according to [correct and vital] knowledge."  Paul's summation of his own people is very much the issue as the wealth transfer becomes popular and trendy.  It has attracted a lot of zeal and enthusiasm that needs to be enlightened and tempered according to correct and vital knowledge. To grasp what the Spirit of the Lord is doing and avoid the counterfeits and false starts is going to first require a more seasoned grasp of the purpose of this wealth.


The Purpose

There is a deception and short-sightedness operating when the goal for "Kingdom businesses" is viewed primarily from the stance of being huge money-generators. Yet, if the wealth transfer is not about money, then what is its purpose?  Why is there to be a wealth transfer?  While it is clear that it will involve money; the fact is that money is not the goal of the wealth transfer. 


The wealth transfer will be part of the prelude to the clash of all ages - which is about the restoration of God's redemptive dominion and order. It's a struggle over the prevailing worldview. It's a power shift.  It is why this move of God within the seats of power in business and government is so significant. It ties into the scripture in Isaiah 60, which in referring to Israel, indicates that the "wealth of the seas shall be turned to them and the riches of the nations will come...."


Three chapters in my Joseph-Daniel Calling book address the primary purposes of the top-down wealth transfer. At the core of these purposes pivot the issues of the restoration of Israel (both the land and the people) and the admonition in Isaiah 58 to reach out to the oppressed, afflicted and needy. Yet, you may be asking, what about spreading the Gospel?  Doesn't the book of Acts tells of a time when "believers were increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women?"  Indeed it does!


Yet, very few within the Church today can honestly even relate to "multitudes being increasingly added to the Lord."  The reason why is because over the centuries much of the Church has lost its focus in terms of the Gospel fully lining up with the heart of God.  Spreading the Gospel cannot be separated from the key issues of Israel, Jewish revival and the strategic significance of what Isaiah 58 means to the heart of God.  There is a gap that needs to be bridged.


The wealth transfer is of strategic significance to God's purposes in bridging this gap. It is not about a new breed of benevolent money-changers.  It is not about harnessing the talents of high-achievers.


There may be huge amounts of money generated through Kingdom businesses coming to the forefront. Yet, if Christian-directed businesses only serve the purpose of "more of the same harder," then we will have missed the significance of bridging this gap and the alignment needed for the wealth transfer.  Jesus' ministry reflected the heart of God - to the Jew first.  The ministry of Jesus also had a bottom-up focus - giving priority to everyday people.  A significant harbinger for the release of the wealth transfer is the Church fully aligning its thrust with the heart of God.  A key part of the infrastructure is in place.  The remaining part of this alignment will lead to "believers being increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women."


It will be an alignment with initiatives that strengthen the Body in Israel (in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as noted in Acts 1:8).  It likewise will be an alignment to release the mobilization of specific community building efforts (the uttermost parts of the earth) that serve to break the back of the bondage of oppression, affliction and hunger (Isaiah 58).


The wealth transfer will have at its forefront, leaders patterned after the priestly-kings of old.  These will be business, community and governmental leaders modeled after Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Nehemiah, David and Daniel - who will penetrate the veil created by the powers of darkness, change the course of nations and build the Kingdom of God.  Those genuinely called as God's "kings" for this day will LEAD, pave the way and bring transformation, not just fill the coffers for the pet fund-raisers of the upwardly mobile ministry elite.


The combined scope of the wealth transfer will incorporate community-driven entrepreneurial principles with applications that will impact both the young and the old; as well as the worker and the educated.  Reaching the lost will take on new dimensions - which will involve a lot more than filling the pews or funding a broadcast, however worthy those goals may be. 


In the days before us is a God-orchestrated paradigm shift in the way the Body reaches out to build community and bring about transformation.  God's dominion is the realignment reflecting His order and blessings being extended into the midst of society.  It is the context for when "believers are increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women."


The Transformation

Charity has never been an issue in the principles guiding God's people.  Contributions and generosity are clearly outlined in the Word of God. Yet, the wealth transfer will bring in another dimension altogether.


World War II was the precursor to the coming clash of all ages.  What has been underway since that time has been a transformation of focus and method in the Church's role of extending God's redemption and love in both the practical and supernatural. There has been radical change from the anemic Church of the mid-forties to the vibrant, purposeful Body we know today. The Body has been prepared to penetrate the fabric of society and build community and impact nations.


Yet, to build community and impact nations is going to require an adjustment of mind-set in terms of the strategy and means of accomplishing these initiatives.  It is going to involve more than just the contributions of the faithful. There is no question that the Body is overdue in reassessing the limitations of returning again and again to the wellspring of the personal resources of other believers.  Indeed, there is a need to break outside the mold of a methodology that may have been adequate for its time, but falls short in terms of the requirements needed for the task before us.


For almost six decades, the Body has been undergoing a series of genuine moves of the Spirit that has immersed the Church - in the areas of the supernatural, intercession, the prophetic and the strategic.  Systematically, the Spirit of the Lord has strengthened, mobilized and connected the Body by extending its sphere to outside the four walls of local congregations into the arenas of the media, the internet, the marketplace and our communities. 


Now, as the Spirit of the Lord continues to move and the paradigm continues shifting, this process is reaching a stage of maturity as the Body advances into the economic and community building arenas. 


Not About Money

The wealth transfer is about a transformation of power.  It is about a pathway out of the oppression, affliction and poverty that run rampant in societies and segments of society that are ruled by the godless. It's about righteous dominion as God begins bringing restoration and redemption through those who are known by His Name.  It's about setting the foundations for this power shift in the economic arena as the stimulant to the greatest move of God's Spirit the world has yet to see.


While the wealth transfer is not about money, it will involve money.  Money will be an outgrowth of the process of dominion-related restoration and redemption. When the Church fully aligns itself with God's heart and stops chasing money, mammon's back over God's work will be broken and the release will begin.


Kings and Priests

Much has been advanced in recent years about the roles, functions and interactions of the kings and priests within the Body.  However, the wealth transfer is not about an inter-Church or intra-Church power struggle.  It is about an advancement of the sphere of influence of God's people that is going to require much, much more in terms of leadership than the church model of the forties or the parachurch model of the sixties.  The basis of how the Body relates to the world around it has significantly evolved since World War II. 


Those called as leaders in the leaders in the Body are moving into new arenas as God restores His influence in the spheres of business, politics and the media.  Whereas leaders best described as kingly-priests built the parachurch movement, the marketplace movement is being pioneered by priestly-kings.  In much the same way that the parachurch movement reflected a growing array of cooperative efforts between churches and ministries, the marketplace movement will be the catalyst for many efforts that ministries have heretofore only envisioned.


Bridging the Gap

There are indeed gaps to be bridged and mind-sets adjusted to actuate the release of what the Lord is poised to do.  The non-scriptural terms of the clergy and laity are examples that have done much to dampen and immobilize grass roots efforts within the Body.  My pastor in the early 70s reflected unusual insight into the need to bridge this gap. As the pastor of a fast-growing church of that time, he noted the number of people who never quite grasped the Truth until they heard a testimony from a non-clergical peer.  It's what the Apostle Paul was referring to in Ephesians 4 with the importance of "perfecting the saints for the work of the ministry." It's foundational to the paradigm shift that will incorporate the wealth transfer.


There is a mobilization underway within the Body that extends into the business and community arenas.  It's an Ephesians 4 thing.  This penetration of the workplace and community is bridging the gap of relevance that Jesus challenged the Pharisees on.  Indeed, a large number of the parables were based on economic and business issues.  They dealt with the practical means by which God made His people to be the head and not the tail.  Unfortunately, the Church has had a long history of internal power struggles and the creation of separations and gaps that have impeded the Kingdom of God coming into its fullness.  However, the outpouring of His power in this day is taking on new dimensions.


God's move in the marketplace is serving to bridge those gaps, as the Body unites and begins dealing with the real issues involved in advancing God's Kingdom. The wealth transfer is about a mobilization and power shift, that will be the result of the alignment of several key factors;  which in turn will lead to the greatest time of transformation - and conflict - that the world has ever seen.


When the Top-Down and the Bottom-Up Connect

When the top-down and bottom-up dimensions of the wealth transfer begin touching, it will be as a catalyst for a great release of God's transforming power. Additionally, as the mobilization of the entrepreneurial bottom-up transfer connects with the top-down, it will mark a time when money is no longer an issue, but rather the by-product of the transforming initiatives set in motion.  It will also coincide with a time when the kings start LEADING and the kingly priests and the priestly kings begin COLLABORATING.


In 1 Corinthians 2:4 the Apostle Paul noted the importance of our faith not resting on the wisdom of men, but on the demonstration of the Spirit and power.  This is what the world is looking for.  It entails the operation of the supernatural.  It also reflects the operation of the practical based on the principles that guide us in God's Word.  The mobilization of God's marketplace ambassadors will offer hope to those who have no hope.  Whether from those called as nation-changing Josephs or from everyday entrepreneurs making an impact on their communities through this dynamic of the wealth transfer, lives are going to be impacted by this demonstration of what the Spirit of the Lord has been preparing His people to do.


Before us, as indicated in the Ezekiel 12 prophecy, is a time of fulfillment.  In many ways, we are entering a new generation.  It will be a new era marked by great power and change as the Lord releases those He has chosen as facilitators to set in motion initiatives aligned with the priorities of His heart. 


"Yet I will lift up My hand to the nations and set up My standard to the peoples; and they will bring your sons in their bosoms, and your daughters will be carried on their shoulders. Kings will be your guardians, and their princesses your nurses .and you will know that I am the Lord." Isaiah 49:22



Morris Ruddick is the author of two books that address the issues of the wealth transfer.  "The Joseph-Daniel Calling" and "God's Economy, Israel and the Nations" are each available from Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and other popular outlets.


2005 Copyright Morris Ruddick - mer@strategic-initiatives.org


Reproduction is prohibited unless permission is given by a SIGN advisor.  Since 1997 the Joseph Network has been a parallel initiative of the Strategic Intercession Global Network (SIGN).  The Joseph Network targets issues tied to the mobilization of those called to an interlinking between secular enterprises with overriding ministry objectives.  SIGN is a team of prophetic intercessors committed to targeting strategic-level issues impacting the Body on a global basis.  For more information check:  www.strategicintercession.org

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