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April 3, 2020

Transformation: What Sets the Argentina Revival Apart?

INGER J. LOGELIN • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
When the terms "city reaching" and "prayer evangelism" are used, Resistencia, Argentina is often mentioned...
When the terms "city reaching" and "prayer evangelism" are used, Resistencia, Argentina is often mentioned. In 1990 when Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism targeted Resistencia with united reconciliation and prayer there were only 5,143 believers in 70 congregations, out of a population of 400,000. Silvoso called the city in northeast Argentina, located on the Paran River a "spiritual cemetery." Today he says, "There are over 100,000 Christians in the city, and 220,000 in the province, making it the most evangelical province in the nation. As a result, Resistencia has become synonymous with city transformation and what is pictured in George Otis Jr.'s Transformations Videos has its genesis there." In 1990 the mayor welcomed Ed Silvoso and Harvest Evangelism into the city. Silvoso has now met with the vice president of Argentina who he says, "opened the nation to us." In 1990 in Resistencia he led the president of the leading football club to the Lord which impacted the city. Recently, Silvoso has ministered to the president of one of the world's most famous soccer teams, a man who is also a leading candidate for President. His team of advisors came to Christ. In 1990 Silvoso ministered to native Argentines around Resistencia. He said, "This resulted in revival among two tribes soon afterward." Recently, Chief Jay Swallow from North America, along with chiefs from Africa and the Pacific, set up a council with 12 Argentine chiefs to pray for the healing for the nations. "There are already signs of restoration as hunting, fishing and crops are becoming miraculously bountiful," says Silvoso.
Steps to Transformation
The nation of Argentina has seen a 2,000 percent growth of born again Christians, according to Silvoso. "In 1990 evangelicals in Argentina numbered half of one percent, roughly 200,000 believers. Today, a minimum of 10% of the population, or four million people, are born again, a 2,000% growth. In 1990 the gospel seeds had to be watered with tears as we plowed very rocky ground, but now we walk joyfully carrying bountiful sheaves. Today there are cities where it is difficult for sinners to go to hell because the Church has learned to pastor entire cities." Since the early 1980s, other Argentinean churchwide leaders such as Carlos Annacondia, Omar Cabrera, Claudio Freidzon, Hector Gimenez and Sergio Scataglini have been used by God to draw millions in to the kingdom. What sets this revival apart is their understanding of spiritual warfare which gets to the root of the problem, instead of dealing only with symptoms. United prayer evangelization has become a powerful key to the transformation. As people see dramatic answers to prayer, many come to the Lord. The move of God there has also been characterized by a passion for the lost, and an intentional networking among leaders. Edgardo Silvoso, who was born in Argentina, worked in mass evangelism crusades with his brother-in-law Luis Palau for 11 years. Later while planting churches, he learned the principles of intercession and prayer evangelism. After suffering with an incurable disease for four years, the Lord healed him. In Resistencia he used the biblical principles of prayer evangelism to reach the city. He says, "Implementation of these principles produced church growth of over 1,100% and a significant change in the spiritual climate of the city." Peter Wagner from Fuller Seminary became aware of the transformation taking place and people came from all over the world to see for themselves.
Taking it to the Marketplace
 Now the church is taking the kingdom of God to the marketplace. At an international conference sponsored by Harvest Evangelism, 260 foreign delegates and 1,500 Argentines did just that. Silvoso reports staggering results: After receiving Christ, the president of a political party invited Jesus to be head of his party. One of the most influential couples in the nation received the Lord and "invited Jesus to be the CEO of their business group." The founder, president and dean of a leading university "invited Jesus into their lives and onto the campus, acknowledging Him as the Headmaster." "The speaker of the house in the most powerful provincial government received the Lord, and the next day she opened the door of the government to Jesus, acknowledging Him as its head." Silvoso says, "The recent breakthrough in Argentina has exceptional potential because in the same fashion that Resistencia made city transformation credible and subsequently widespread, it could turn the discipling of nations into 'the' premier focus of the Church. Its most unique feature is the salvation of influential leaders who once inside the Kingdom immediately enlist in the nation transformation movement, displaying a willingness, even an eagerness to do extraordinary things for God. ". In Argentina, these new believers did not just accept Jesus in their hearts, they also invited Him into their corporations, political parties, Congress, city hall, etc., because they understood that salvation has come to their house, not just their soul. Because their house -- their sphere of influence -- is so vast, they have been able to open doors for us to minister to the Vice President, to captains of industry, and to politicians. By impacting the marketplace -- the heart of the nations -- God's kingdom became evident in places where until recently the Gates of Hades had ruled unimpeded. As a result of this, today, we stand on the verge of seeing not just one city, but an entire nation transformed. What an awesome prospect!"

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wonderful testimoney

Greetings what beautiful story of hope and love for such beautiful land. God has not for gotten such wonderful people and he will bless your faithful faith, I live in Nh a research scientist metallurgist etc, and most of all a Christian, I will pray that your land will abound in a love testimony that will spread through all your peoples, blessing I had to respond I saw this is a joy...

JESUS SAVES AND CHANGES US how we need that up here, I have night street ministry as well, it's been something blessings to you, God works , he never changes, thanks, will pray for you to be rich in Christ always .

Franz S


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