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April 3, 2020

A Few Precautions for Having An Effective Workplace Outreach

Os Hillman • Evangelism
A few ideas on how to affectively reach out in the workplace.

Invite-Don't Pressure. Solicitation of people to participate in your group may result in their feeling pressured, especially if you have a supervisory role. Some employees may feel that their jobs are in jeopardy if they don't attend.  

Be Professional. Prayer before a business meeting, even in companies with roots in Christianity, may be viewed as unprofessional and may jeopardize any good feelings non-Christian coworkers might have toward Christianity. Be sure that open prayer is acceptable in that corporate culture and that all parties involved desire open prayer. 

Voluntary versus Mandatory. Some over-zealous managers have attached prayer sessions to mandatory meetings. This can easily backfire and make you legally liable.  

Avoid Christian Lingo-So often we forget what life was like before we were Christians. We often use terms like sanctification, born again, Spirit-filled, etc. The non-Christian will quickly get lost in that language. If you want to be understood by the non-Christians in your group, you must avoid religious jargon.  

Small Groups. Small group Bible studies held on company grounds make great places to invite non-believers or even new Christians. The key to having an effective small group is to facilitate instead of teach. Getting participants to share their observations and questions in the group setting is the key to an effective group.  
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Visitor Comments (1)

good advice

from a lawyer who is having to tell a supervisory employee to stop leading prayers at team gatherings: this is *really good* advice.

to put it a slightly different way, if you are going to witness, witness as a Christian. avoid even the appearence that you are saying something as a supervisor that you would be afraid to say as a "powerless" employee. non-supervisory employees might make the best witnesses, because they have no authority to lean on but God!

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