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April 6, 2020

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Os Hillman • Adversity
When God raises up His change agents it will sometimes involve being placed in a cave of isolation. This article illustrates how King David overcame being in the Cave of Adullam, and how we too can overcome and learn the things God desires us to learn in our own times of isolation (and preparation). Understand why each of us may be thrust into our own cave of isolation.
Buck Jacobs • Evangelism
It seems for some reason unknown to me that I have recently been placed in the company of a number of Christians who have presented me with a version of the following position as regards to witnessing - "I don't witness verbally, I just live my life (or let Christ live His life through me) and wait for others to see the difference in me and ask me why I am acting as I am." I call this the "walk-only" position on Christian witness. This is certainly not something new to me; I have heard it many times before. But at the moment I feel constrained to address it and to do so in the negative. As I do, please notice that for this segment I am speaking in the personal first person voice as I know, and want to stress, that this message applies to me as much as anyone.

Ron Johnson, Ph.D. • Balancing Family & Work
In the best-seller The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure, Juliet Schor reported that work hours and stress are up, and family time and sleep are down for all classes of employed Americans. Working moms come home to a "second shift"; fathers find themselves juggling new and multiple work and family roles; and single parents are almost always on the brink of being overwhelmed. Industries overwork us or, perhaps worse, underwork us by making us "temps" or part-timers. Some workplace policies are family-friendly, but many are not. And many leisure activities do not promote real recreation and renewing space in our lives. Such work and family patterns can lead to stress, depression, and marital and family conflict. Moving from burnout to balance can be challenging.

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