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April 6, 2020

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Os Hillman • Adversity
When God raises up His change agents it will sometimes involve being placed in a cave of isolation. This article illustrates how King David overcame being in the Cave of Adullam, and how we too can overcome and learn the things God desires us to learn in our own times of isolation (and preparation). Understand why each of us may be thrust into our own cave of isolation.
Buck Jacobs • Leadership
What if all Christians were buried in the same graveyard? And what if that graveyard was separated into three sections. The first section called "Nominal Christians", the second "Normal Christians", and the third "Radical Christians." Which section do you think would be the largest? Which section would you hope to be put to rest in? This question is intended to be taken seriously. In your true heart of hearts, where would you aspire to be?

Cheryl Johnston • Work As Ministry
The well-known author of Experiencing God and Spiritual Leadership discusses spiritual relevancy whether you are a pastor, a CEO or a homemaker.
Michael Zigarelli, Ph.D. • Leadership
"Knowing" and "doing" are surely distinct entities. Legions of Christians traveling the circuitous road toward sanctification understand this well. We Christians may know what God wills us to do, but often we still don't do it.
An interview with Henry Blackaby on the workplace movement. • Leadership
Cheryl Johnston with Crosswalk.com interviews Dr. Henry Blackaby about faith in the workplace.

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