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April 6, 2020

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Dennis Peacocke • Theology of Work
We Christians are a strange lot. Frequently, we say we believe one thing but live out our lives quite differently. While hypocrisy is one thing, "spiritual blind-spots" are another. Problematic as hypocrisy is, it is not my concern in this article; rather, I am concerned with our "blind spots." A blind spot is an area of speech, action, or thinking that we have and practice which we simply don't see or acknowledge.
Dennis Peacocke • Work As Ministry
Ultimately life is about investments. Beyond what we say is important, where and into whom we put our time, talents, and treasure measures what we truly believe.
Dennis Peacocke • Leadership
In a fallen world, how to achieve biblical and lasting transformation is the only real question for those who aspire to be Christ's disciples. Put another way, leading people and building organizations God's way is what all Christian leaders should aspire to do. Once one sees this, studying and walking out God's principles of transformation takes center stage. Indeed, God is in the business of transformation. Continually, I might add.
Dennis Peacocke • Work As Ministry
We are now standing at the foundation-laying stage of one of the most significant Christian movements of church history, the advocacy of a Christian values-based economy. How we work with God's Spirit in helping to lay that foundation will have potentially enormous effects on the global future of the church in the 21st century. It will also signal the emergence of an alternative to the world system's left-right, capitalism-socialism single paradigm of economic possibility currently available to the nations of the world. The economics of God's Kingdom is about to appear upon the world's stage.
Dennis Peacocke • Entrepreneurship
Virtually wherever I teach on "marketplace ministries", I sometime ask in my presentation "Who wants God to get involved in your business?" The vase majority of those present raise their hands expecting me to help them find effective ways to help them further achieve that "divine connection". To their surprise I not only don't "help them", I actually shock them by telling them what I am about to tell you, my reading friend. God doesn't want to get involved in your business.
Dennis Peacocke • Entrepreneurship
Strategic Planning:
The Key to Building Successful Relationships, Organizations,
and Capital Creation
Dennis Peacocke • Discover Your Purpose
As any competent, professional motivational speaker or personal executive coach knows, the most difficult thing is to find the key in someone that turns an individual from mere mental understanding to actually changing the way they think and behave. The conceptual is indeed Square One. However, many times, Square Two-genuine action- seldom happens, and if it does, it's short-lived. We humans are hard to change. Our fallen, insecure nature resists it. As the script-writer of the film Godfather III noted, "Forgiveness is not the critical issue; it's change."
Dennis Peacocke • Ethics & Values
Integrity is perhaps our highest and most valuable human commodity. When we possess it, it can open many doors and keep them open. When we've lost it or don't possess it as a known character quality, few people want to associate with us. Even criminals have strong codes by which they measure one another's integrity. Regardless of what sub-culture we belong to, the Bible says it best: "A good name is to be more desired than great wealth, favor is better than silver and gold."(Proverbs 22:1)
Os Hillman • Adversity
Do you find yourself in a season of adversity? If so, meditating on scripture is one of the most important things you can do right now. Os Hillman has compiled some of his most helpful scriptures he has meditated upon during times of adversity.
Os Hillman • Entrepreneurship
The purpose of a marketing plan is to simplify the execution of the marketing idea: moving goods or services from concept to customer. You may ask, "Why do I even need a plan?" The answer is because without it, you are likely to use your limited resources in a wasteful way and thereby fail in the effort. For almost everything we do, we have a plan to accomplish it.

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