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April 3, 2020

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Os Hillman • Work As Ministry
Looking for ministry ideas on what can be done in a company? I've compiled these from various sources.
Os Hillman • Intimacy With God
What is required to attract the presence of God to your life? This article explores what the Bible says about experiencing God's presences, even in a workplace.
Earl Pitts • Finance
When we talk about investing today, many only think of places to put your money so that it will work for you. However the Word of God talks about the 'laying up for yourself` treasures on earth or in heaven (Matt. 6:19and 20). As your treasure is earned by you or inherited as a result of another's work, it becomes something that will require your stewardship. This treasure has come about through time and ability and is initially represented by money. The money has many demands on it, consumption of all types to meet our obligations, necessities and our wants. Yet one of the purposes should be to invest where it has the potential to increase the effect of God's Kingdom on earth. This potential can affect the present or the future depending where it is invested.

Os Hillman • Money Management
Dear Os,
I am a TGIF subscriber and have appreciated your encouragement over the years. I wanted to ask you if you know of any books or articles that touch on the subject of profiting financially from delivering services within the church. What are your thoughts on this?
Larry Burkett • Entrepreneurship
Do you own or operate a business? Do you need to know what God says about key aspects of running a business biblically? If so, this link will provide many articles to help you navigate business ownership from a Kingdom perspective. Thanks to Crown ministries for this resource. http://www.crown.org/Library/default.aspx?catId=41
Os Hillman • Work As Ministry
You may be called to be a plumber, a doctor, a secretary or a CEO. Know that your calling is equal to that of the pastor or vocational Christian worker. It is more about our roles, not spiritual value or importance. The key is to be in the place where God has called you and to live for the glory of God in that place. Each of us should see ourselves as a servant of the living God masquerading as a banker, a plumber, a doctor, a secretary or a CEO.
D. Wayne Myrick • Conflict Management
This article was adapted from one that originally appeared in Design-Build Digest, Vol. 1, No. 1 and is reprinted by permission.

Ever since the beginnings of our company, we have faced the dilemma of being equally yoked in our business (developing church facilities, working with employees, architects, contractors and owners). Like most people, we first learned the importance of this biblical concept by not following it. There are probably many churches that have also experienced the problem of not partnering with those of like mind and purpose.

Os Hillman • Prayer
"Epaphras, who is one of you and a servant of Christ Jesus, sends greetings. He is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured" (Colossians 4:12).

How do you define success for your life? Is it based on the level of increased sales? Is it based on the standard of living you enjoy? For so many, defining success is determined by finances and the number of vacations one can take.

Morris Ruddick • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
In a time marked by instability and need, the Lord is raising up Kingdom movers and shakers to assume strategic roles of relevance in the world's infrastructures of business and government.

Morris Ruddick • Money Management
The wealth transfer has become a hot topic. Companies are being birthed with the vision of creating vast amounts of money destined to advance the Kingdom of God. Believers in business are coming up with opportunities with unusual returns designed to accelerate the spread of the Gospel. There are rumblings of technologies proposing to change the balance of power in the world's economic system. Intercessory teams designed to pierce the opposition are being mobilized. Ministries are aligning themselves with super-achievers they discern will spearhead expected wealth transfer venues.

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