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April 6, 2020

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Dennis Peacocke • Ethics & Values
Integrity is perhaps our highest and most valuable human commodity. When we possess it, it can open many doors and keep them open. When we've lost it or don't possess it as a known character quality, few people want to associate with us. Even criminals have strong codes by which they measure one another's integrity. Regardless of what sub-culture we belong to, the Bible says it best: "A good name is to be more desired than great wealth, favor is better than silver and gold."(Proverbs 22:1)
Rich Marshall • Ethics & Values
A glaring problem in many societies is the establishment of different rules for work and home. The woman who would never allow her children to lie has developed a lifestyle of lying in order to make sales at work. The man who would never cheat on his wife regularly cheats on his income tax returns. The church member who professes to believe in Christ thinks nothing of violating copyright laws by burning CDs or copying MP3 files to pass along software and music to friends.

Integrity requires a company to communicate the same message to the general public that it does to its employees. It also requires that a company do for its employees what it promised them at the time of their hiring. Ever felt disillusioned because a raise or other promised perk somehow never materialized? And the explanation of why included the reasonable-sounding explanation of an economic downturn or company restructuring?

Dudley Rochelle • Ethics & Values
The following article was written by my friend Dudley Rochelle, an attorney who works with a law firm in Atlanta who has given workshop presentations at our last two International Coalition of Workplace Ministries conferences. Their firm handles many religious discrimination lawsuits.
Os Hillman • Ethics & Values
What are the rights of Christians in the workplace? Can you have a Bible study at work? Can you share the gospel in a workplace? This article helps answer some basic questions on legal rights in the workplace.
Os Hillman • Ethics & Values
Attributes of a Workplace Witness God's Ideal for a Transforming Workplace Leader
Word In Life Bible Study • Ethics & Values
How consistent is your discipline if you are in authority? Justice for all means justice for each one.
Word In Life Bible Study • Ethics & Values
A look at what the scriptures says about excellence in our work.

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